• Young people who left high school without graduating are speaking up. Will you listen? 

  • The Center for Promise has released a new white paper on re-engagement.

  • Opportunity Nation releases Opportunity Index - shows increase since 2011!

  • The interactive version of Dollars for College: a student financial planning toolkit is now available!

  • AmeriCorps turned 20 on September 12, 2014! Celebrate with a report about the impact of national service.


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  • “The latest national graduation number – 81 percent - shows that the country is continuing to make progress on increasing on-time high school graduation rates, and that means more young people will have the chance for a promising future,” said John Gomperts, president & CEO of America’s Promise Alliance, leader of the GradNation campaign to reach a 90 percent on-time high school graduation rate by 2020.
  • This Monday millions of people across the country will give back to their communities in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. day of service. It’s critical to our nation’s future that this goodwill extends beyond today in the form of community service, problem solving, and constructive dialogue. That’s why America’s Promise Alliance has partnered with Meetup and a coalition of other partners including Corporation for National Community Service, Points of Light, and Citizen University to launch #MeetupMonday.


  • MoveED - How MoveED Helps

    Learn how MoveED can help you and your organization in this brief video. Thanks to Michigan College Access Network's Brandy Johnson and Welcome to College's Justin Bayer for assisting with the video.

  • Don't Call Them Dropouts Documentary

    "Don't Call Them Dropouts", the largest nationwide study of its kind to date, found students who leave high school without graduating do so not out of boredom or lack of motivation, but because they are overwhelmed by the effects of toxic living conditions on their daily lives, including homelessness, violent surroundings, abuse or neglect, catastrophic family health events, and the absence of caring adults who can help them stay in school.


  • “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

    – Nelson Mandela
  • “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

    – Socrates
  • "Education is about equity, excellence and providing an opportunity for the future."

    – Arne Duncan, U.S. secretary of education
  • "Nothing is unattainable when America comes together around a common cause."

    – Alma Powell